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dnaSRPS EN 60974-5:2017

Фаза: 50.20 - Почетак поступка одобравања дефинитивног текста нацрта српског стандарда
Почетак: 2018-11-26
Крај: 2018-12-25

Веза са међународним стандардима
Ovaj standard je identičan sa: EN IEC 60974-5:2019 CLC/TC 26

Наслов на српском језику

Oprema za elektrolučno zavarivanje — Deo 5: Dodavači žice

Наслов на енглеском језику

Arc welding equipment - Part 5: Wire feeders

Апстракт на српском језику

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Апстракт на енглеском језику

This part of IEC 60974 specifies safety and performance requirements for industrial and professional equipment used in arc welding and allied processes to feed filler wire. This document is applicable to WIRE FEEDERS and to WIRE-FEED CONTROLS that are stand-alone (separate from the welding equipment), housed together in a single enclosure or housed in a single enclosure with other welding equipment. The WIRE FEEDER can be suitable for manually or mechanically guided torches. This document is not applicable to spool-on torches, which are covered by IEC 60974-7. NOTE 1 Typical allied processes are electric arc cutting and arc spraying. NOTE 2 This document does not include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements, which are given in IEC 60974-10.

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