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SRPS EN 50636-2-100:2014

Статус: Објављен
Језик: Engleski
Бр. страна: 48
Датум: 31.10.2014.
Службени гласник: 124/14
Број решења:
Издање: 1 ED
Веза са међународним стандардима
Ovaj standard je identičan sa:
EN 50636-2-100:2014   CLC/TC 116
Цена: 3807 RSD

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Наслов на српском језику

Aparati za domaćinstvo i slični električni aparati — Bezbednost — Deo 2-100: Posebni zahtevi za ručne električne usisivače i duvaljke/usisivače za baštu sa seckanjem ili bez njega i napajane iz električne mreže

Наслов на енглеском језику

Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-100: Particular requirements for hand-held mains-operated garden blowers, vacuums and blower vacuums

Апстракт на српском језику

Odnosi se na bezbednost ručnih električnih usisivača i duvaljki/usisivača za baštu sa ili bez seckanja, sa naznačenim jednofaznim naponom od najviše 250 V.

Апстракт на енглеском језику

Replacement: This European Standard specifies the safety requirements and their verification for the design and construction of hand-held mains-operated electrical garden vacuums, and garden blower/vacuums with or without shredding means and garden blowers, hereinafter referred to as machine(s), for use at and around the home or for similar purposes, their rated voltage being not more than 250 V single phase. This European Standard does not apply to: - machines powered by combustion engines; NOTE 1 Combustion engine driven machines are covered by EN 15503. - machines driven by an external power source; - machines powered from a 3 phase supply; - vacuum cleaners intended primarily for use indoors, for water suction cleaning or animal grooming; NOTE 2 EN 60335-2-2 deals with this type of machine. - walk-behind, hand-guided (support-wheeled) and ride-on machines; - combination of a mains driven and/or battery powered blowers and vacuums with internal combustion engines (hybrid); - back-pack powered blowers and back-pack powered vacuums. EMC and environmental aspects, except noise, have not been considered in this standard. This European Standard deals with all the significant hazards presented by hand-held mains-operated electrical garden vacuums, garden blower/vacuums with or without shredding means and garden blowers when they are used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable. This European Standard is not applicable to machines, which are manufactured before the date of publication of this document by CENELEC.

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