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SRPS EN 15001-1:2010

Статус: Објављен
Језик: Engleski
Бр. страна: 120
Датум: 30.07.2010.
Службени гласник: 56/10
Број решења:
Издање: 1 ED
Веза са међународним стандардима
Ovaj standard je identičan sa:
EN 15001-1:2009   CEN/TC 234
Цена: 5261 RSD

За читање онлајн


Наслов на српском језику

Gasna infrastrktura - Cevovodne gasne instalacije sa radnim pritiscima većim od 0,5 bar za industrijske instalacije i radnim pritiscima većim od 5 bar za industrijske i neindustrijske instalacije - Deo 2: Detaljni funkcionalni zahtevi za projektovanje, materijale, izgradnju, kontrolu i ispitivanje

Наслов на енглеском језику

Gas Infrastructure - Gas installation pipework with an operating pressure greater than 0,5 bar for industrial installations and greater than 5 bar for industrial and non-industrial installations - Part 1: Detailed functional requirements for design, materials, construction, inspection and testing

Апстракт на српском језику

Ovaj standard utvrđuje detaljne funkcionalne zahteve za projektovanje, materijale, konstrukciju, kontrolu i ispitivanje gasnih industrijskih instalacija i opreme sa radnim pritiscima većim od 0,5 bar i gasnih neindustrijskih instalacija u zgradama za radne pritiske veće od 5 bar počevši od izlazne tačke operatora isporuke do ulazog priključka na gasom aparata, obično ulaznog zapornog ventila.

Апстракт на енглеском језику

This standard specifies detailed functional requirements for the design, selection of materials, construction, inspection and testing of industrial gas installation pipework and assemblies with an operating pressure greater than 0,5 bar, and non industrial gas installation pipework (residential and commercial) with an operating pressure greater than 5 bar in buildings, starting from the outlet of the network operator’s point of delivery up to the inlet connection to the gas appliance; normally the inlet isolation valve. This standard also covers the inlet connection to the gas appliance comprising of the pipework that does not fall within the scope of the appliance standard. NOTE The use of the term installation and pipework is interchangeable. This standard applies to gas installations operating at ambient temperatures between - 20 °C and 40 °C and operating pressures up to and including 60 bar. For operating conditions outside these limitations, reference should additionally be made to EN 13480 for metallic pipework. For industrial gas installations up to and including 0,5 bar and for non industrial (residential and commercial) gas installations up to and including 5 bar in buildings, EN 1775 applies. For gas installations that do not fall within the scope of EN 1775 or other European Standards, this standard applies. In this standard, the term “gas“ refers to combustible gases, which are gaseous at 15 °C and 1 013 mbar absolute atmospheric pressure (normal conditions). These gases are commonly referred to as manufactured gas, natural gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). They are also referred to as first, second or third family gases (see Table 1 of EN 437:2003). The given values are considered as normal conditions for all volumes given in this standard.

Комисија за стандарде

M234 - Гасна инфрастурктура, опрема за природни и течни нафтни гас


23.040.01 - Cevovodi i elementi cevovoda uopšte


97/23/EC - Директива за опрему под притиском (PED)
2014/68/EU -

Национални пропис

Правилник о техничким захтевима за пројектовање, израду и оцењивање усаглашености једноставних посуда под притиском

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gasna infrastruktura;gasne instalacije;industrijske instalacije;neindustrijske instalacije;zahtevi;projektovanje;konstrukcija;kontrola;ispitivanje

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