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naSRPS EN 17456:2018

Phase: 40.60 - Завршетак јавне расправе
Start: 2020-01-07
End: 2020-03-07

Related international standards
This standard is identical to: prEN 17456 CEN/TC 175

Serbian title

Drveni podovi i parket – Određivanje raslojavanja gornjeg i donjeg sloja višeslojnih parketnih elemenata - Metoda ispitivanja

English title

Wood flooring and parquet - Determination of top and bottom layer delamination of multilayer elements - Test method

Serbian scope

Ovim dokumentom utvrđuje se metoda ispitivanja za određivanje raslojavanja gornjeg sloja višeslojnih parketnih elemenata različitih konstrukcija, dimenzija i sa različitim adhezivima u skladu sa EN 13489, kao podnih obloga za unutrašnju upotrebu, u vreme prve isporuke proizvoda. Dokumentom se utvrđuju dva predtretmana (PT1 i PT2) uzoraka za ispitivanje.

English scope

This document specifies a test method to determine the top layer delamination of multilayer parquet elements according to EN 13489 with different structures, dimensions and adhesives for internal use as flooring, at the time of the first delivery of the product. The document specifies 2 pre-treatments (PT1 and PT2) of the test specimens. The test methods described in this document allow to determine the minimum top layer bonding quality, also for the use application on floor heating, and for the identification of bonding failure. NOTE 1 For this application, the pre-treatments have proven to be suitable. This document does not apply to the bonding quality of plywood if it is in use in the multilayer parquet construction. NOTE 2 This standard doesn’t allow to estimate the compatibility of use in wet conditions.

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