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naSRPS EN IEC 61558-2-4:2019

Phase: 40.20 - Почетак јавне расправе о нацрту српског стандарда
Start: 2019-11-15
End: 2019-11-12

Related international standards
This standard is identical to: prEN IEC 61558-2-4:2019 CLC/SR 96

Serbian title

Bezbednost transformatora, prigušnica, jedinica za napajanje i sličnih proizvoda za napone napajanja do 1 100 V - Deo 2-4: Posebni zahtevi i ispitivanja za rastavne transformatore i jedinice za napajanje sa ugrađenim rastavnim transformatorima

English title

Safety of transformers, reactors, power supply units and combinations thereof - Part 2-4: Particular requirements and tests for isolating transformers and power supply units incorporating isolating transformers for general applications

Serbian scope

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English scope

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