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naSRPS EN 1063:2019

Phase: 40.60 - Завршетак јавне расправе
Start: 2019-11-11
End: 2020-01-11

Lang: English
Pages: 14

Related international standards
This standard is identical to: prEN 1063 CEN/TC 129

Serbian title

Građevinsko staklo — Sigurnosno staklo — Ispitivanje i klasifikacija otpornosti na proboj metka

English title

Glass in building - Security glazing - Testing and classification of resistance against bullet attack

Serbian scope

Ovim dokumentom utvrđuju se zahtevi za performanse i metode ispitivanja za klasifikaciju stakla (sa jednim ili više slojeva stakla) i staklo/plastičnih kompozita otpornih na proboj metka.

English scope

This document specifies performance requirements and test methods for the classification of the bullet-resistance of glass (consisting of one or more layers of glass) and glass/plastic composites. NOTE 1 The term "bullet-resistant glazing" applies to products that have the obvious characteristics of glass, but it is understood to include also laminated products of glass and plastics and in some saces, insulating glass units. This document applies to: - attack by handguns, rifles and shotguns; - glazing in buildings, for interior and exterior use; - the glazing product itself, assuming proper fixing; NOTE 2 The protection provided by bullet-resistant glazing depends not only on the product itself, but also upon the design and fixing of the glass.

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