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naSRPS EN 12999:2019

Phase: 40.20 - Почетак јавне расправе о нацрту српског стандарда
Start: 2019-03-14
End: 2019-05-14

Related international standards
This standard is identical to: prEN 12999 CEN/TC 147

Serbian title

Dizalice - Pretovarne dizalice

English title

Cranes - Loader cranes

Serbian scope

Ovaj standard utvrđuje minimalne zahteve za konstruisanje, proračun, proveru i ispitivanje pretovarnih dizalica na hidraulični pogon i njihovog montiranja na vozilo ili nepokretnu osnovu.

English scope

This document specifies minimum requirements for design, calculation, examinations and tests of hydraulic powered loader cranes and their mountings on vehicles or static foundations. This document does not apply to loader cranes used on board sea going vessel or to articulated boom system cranes which are designed as total integral parts of special equipment such as forwarders. The hazards covered by this standard are identified in Clause 4. This document does not cover hazards related to the lifting of persons. NOTE The use of cranes for lifting of persons can be subject to specific national regulations. This document is not applicable to loader cranes manufactured before the publication of this document. For loader cranes designed before the publication of this document, the new provisions concerning stress calculations are not applicable.

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