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prSRPS EN ISO 23581:2019

Phase: 10.99 - Нови пројекат се прихвата
Start: 2018-12-21
End: 2019-02-21

Related international standards
This standard is identical to: prEN ISO 23581 CEN/TC 19
This standard is identical to: ISO/DIS 23581 ISO/TC 28

Serbian title

Naftni i srodni proizvodi - Odredjivanje kinematičke viskoznosti - Metoda sa viskozimetrom Stabingerovog tipa

English title

Petroleum products and related products ― Determination of kinematic viscosity ― Method by Stabinger type viscosimeter

Serbian scope

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English scope

This method specifies a procedure for the determination of kinematic viscosity (ν) at 40 °C in the range from 2 mm2/s to 6 mm2/s by calculation from dynamic viscosity (η) and density (ρ) of middle distillate fuels, fatty acid methyl ester fuels (FAME) and mixtures of these using the Stabinger-type viscosimeter. The result obtained using the procedure described in this standard depends on the behaviour of the sample. This European Standard should be used predominantly on liquids whose shear stress and shear rate are proportional (Newtonian flow behaviour). However, if the viscosity changes significantly with the shear rate, comparison with other measuring methods is only permissible at similar shear rates

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