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naSRPS EN IEC 61918:2018/AA:2018

Phase: 40.60 - Завршетак јавне расправе
Start: 2019-02-05
End: 2019-04-05

Related international standards
This standard is identical to: EN IEC 61918:2018/A11:2019 CLC/TC 65X

Serbian title

Industrijske komunikacione mreže — Instalisanje komunikacionih mreža u industrijskim prostorijama- Izmena

English title

Industrial communication networks - Installation of communication networks in industrial premises

Serbian scope

Ovaj dokument određuje osnovne zahteve za instaliranje medija za komunikacione mreže unutar i između postrojenja za automatizaciju, na industrijskim lokacijama. Ovaj dokument obuhvata balansirano i optičko povezivanje kablovima. Takođe obuhvata kablovsku infrastrukturu za bežične medije, ali ne i same bežični medije. Dodatni mediji su obuhvaćeni u IEC 61784-5 (svim delovima). Ovaj dokument je prateći standard za komunikacione mreže industrijskih postrojenja automatizacije, a posebno za komunikacione mreže navedene u IEC 61158 (svim delovima) i IEC 61784 (svim delovima). Pored toga, ovaj dokument obuhvata vezu između generičkih telekomunikacionih kablova specificiranih u ISO/IEC 11801-3 i specifičnom komunikacijskom kablu postrojenja za automatizaciju, gde izlaz za automatizaciju (AO) zamenjuje telekomunikacioni izlaz (TO) ISO/IEC 11801-3.

English scope

This document specifies basic requirements for the installation of media for communication networks within and between the automation islands, of industrial sites. This standard covers balanced and optical fibre cabling. It also covers the cabling infrastructure for wireless media, but not the wireless media itself. Additional media are covered in the IEC 61784-5 series. This document is a companion standard to the communication networks of the industrial automation islands and especially to the communication networks specified in the IEC 61158 series and the IEC 61784 series. In addition, this document covers the connection between the generic telecommunications cabling specified in ISO/IEC 11801-3 and the specific communication cabling of an automation island, where an automation outlet (AO) replaces the telecommunication outlet (TO) of ISO/IEC 11801-3. NOTE If the interface used at the AO does not conform to that specified for the TO of ISO/IEC 11801-3, the cabling no longer conforms to ISO/IEC 11801-3 although certain features, including performance, of generic cabling may be retained. This document provides guidelines that cope with the critical aspects of the industrial automation area (safety, security and environmental aspects such as mechanical, liquid, particulate, climatic, chemicals and electromagnetic interference). This document does not recognise implementations of power distribution with or through Ethernet balanced cabling systems that are not specified in IEEE 802.3af and in IEEE 802.3at. This document deals with the roles of planner, installer, verifier, and acceptance test personnel, administration and maintenance personnel and specifies the relevant responsibilities and/or gives guidance.

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