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naSRPS EN 1313-1:2019

Phase: 40.20 - Почетак јавне расправе о нацрту српског стандарда
Start: 2020-01-29
End: 2020-03-29

Related international standards
This standard is identical to: EN 1313-1:2010 CEN/TC 175

Serbian title

Oblo drvo i rezana građa — Dozvoljena odstupanja i preporučene dimenzije — Deo 1: Rezana građa četinara

English title

Round and sawn timber - Permitted deviations and preferred sizes - Part 1: Softwood sawn timber

Serbian scope

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English scope

This European Standard specifies permitted deviations for thickness and width at reference moisture content and adjustments for changes in size due to changes in moisture content. Preferred sizes for thicknesses of 38 mm and over are also specified. This standard applies to softwood sawn timber. An informative annex gives complementary national sizes. NOTE A.5 includes for France the concept of preferred size for green timber.

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