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SRPS EN 1069-1:2017/prA1:2018

Phase: 40.20 - Почетак јавне расправе о нацрту српског стандарда
Start: 2018-05-17
End: 2018-07-17

Related international standards
This standard is identical to: EN 1069-1:2017/FprA1 CEN/TC 136

Serbian title

Tobogani za vodu – Deo 1: Zahtevi za bezbednost i metode ispitivanja

English title

Water slides - Part 1: Safety requirements and test methods

Serbian scope

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English scope

This European Standard is applicable to all water slides installed in swimming pools of public use. This Standard specifies general safety requirements for water slides in swimming pools of public use and specific requirements for defined types of water slides. These specific safety requirements are also applicable to undefined types as far as possible. These requirements concern safety and the technical rules for design, calculation and testing.

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