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dnaSRPS EN 17252:2018

Phase: 50.60 - Завршетак поступка одобравања дефинитивног текста нацрта српског стандарда
Start: 2019-09-05
End: 2019-11-05

Related international standards
This standard is identical to: EN 17252:2020 CEN/TC 275

Serbian title

Prehrambeni proizvodi - Određivanje fomopsina A u semenu lupine i proizvodima od lupine pomoću LC-MS/MS

English title

Foodstuffs - Determination of phomopsin A in lupin seeds and lupin derived products by HPLC-MS/MS

Serbian scope

Ovim standardom je opisan postupak za određivanje fomopsina u semenu lupina i proizvodima na bazi lupina tečnom hromatografijom sa tandem masenom spektrometrijom (LC-MS/MS).

English scope

This document specifies a procedure for the determination of phomopsin A in lupin seeds and lupin-derived products based on liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Several phomopsins exist, i.e. phomopsin A, B, C and D, but the method only deals with the quantitative measurement of phomopsin A due to lack of commercially available analytical reference standards for the other phomopsins. The method has been validated for phomopsin A in naturally contaminated lupin seeds, lupin flour and crisp bread at levels ranging from approximately 5 µg/kg to 60 µg/kg

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