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dnaSRPS EN 12015 :2017

Phase: 40.60 - Завршетак јавне расправе
Start: 2018-11-29
End: 2019-01-29

Related international standards
This standard is identical to: FprEN 12015 CEN/TC 10

Serbian title

Elektromagnetska kompatibilnost — Standard za familiju proizvoda za liftove, pokretne stepenice i pokretna gazišta — Emisija

English title

Electromagnetic compatibility - Product family standard for lifts, escalators and moving walks - Emission

Serbian scope

No information added.

English scope

This document specifies the emission limits in relation to electromagnetic disturbances and test conditions for lifts, escalators and moving walks, which are intended to be permanently installed in buildings. These limits however, may not provide full protection against disturbances caused to radio and TV reception when such equipment is used within distances given in Table 1. This document is not applicable for apparatus which are manufactured before the date of its publication as EN.

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