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Z261-5 Packaging

Standard designation: Z261-5
Status: Active
Chairman: prof.dr Jasna Gvozdenović
Secretary: Branka Tomašević

Serbian title


English title


Scope in Serbian

Примарна, секундарна и терцијарна амбалажа (изузев контејнере за друмски, железнички и ваздушни саобраћај)

Scope in English

Primary, secondary and transport packagings and unit loads, whatever the materials, shapes, contents or distribution system used excluding transport containers for road, air and water traffic

Relation with all international committees

CEN/TC 261/WG 1
Management standards for packaging of foodstuffs
CEN/TC 261/WG 2
Packaging - Ease of opening
ISO/TC 122
CEN/TC 261/SC 1
Packaging - Generalities
CEN/TC 261/SC 2
Primary packaging
CEN/TC 261/SC 3
Distribution packaging - Transport packaging and unit loads
CEN/TC 261/WG 2
Packaging - Ease of opening
CEN/TC 261
ISO/TC 122
CEN/TC 261/SC 5
Primary packaging and transport packaging