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B028-1 Lubricants and related products

Standard designation: B028-1
Status: Active
Chairman: Ljiljana Janković
Secretary: Jelena Božović

Serbian title

Мазива и сродни производи

English title

Lubricants and related products

Scope in Serbian

Стандардизација у области мазива и сродних производа са аспекта терминологије, класификација, спецификација, метода узимања узорака, мерења, анализа и испитивања.

Scope in English

Standardization of terminology, classification, specifications, methods of sampling, measurement, analysis and testing for lubricants and related products.

Work Programme

Relation with all international committees

Gaseous and liquid fuels, lubricants and related products of petroleum, synthetic and biological origin.
Petroleum and related products, fuels and lubricants from natural or synthetic sources