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H190 Soil quality

Standard designation: H190
Status: Active
Chairman: mr Dragan Crnković
Secretary: Biljana Stepanović

Serbian title

Квалитет земљишта

English title

Soil quality

Scope in Serbian

Квалитет земљишта, карактеризација земљишта, пестицида, побољшивача земљишта, терминологије и методе испитивања.

Scope in English

Soil quality, soil characterization, pesticides, soil improvers, terminology and test methods.

Work Programme

Relation with all international committees

CEN/TC 223
Soil improvers and growing media
CEN/TC 404
Services of pest management companies
CEN/TC 444
Test methods for environmental characterization of solid matrices
ISO/TC 190
Soil quality
ISO/TC 260
Human resource management