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M127 Earth-moving machinery

Standard designation: M127
Status: Active
Chairman: dr Predrag Petronijević
Secretary: Ivana Topalović

Serbian title

Машине за земљане радове

English title

Earth-moving machinery

Scope in Serbian

Стандардизација у области машина за земљане радове и осталих машина које су у вези са њима, са становишта терминологије, класификације, параметара, техничких захтева и метода испитивања, захтева за безбедност и ергономију, руковања и одржавања.

Scope in English

Standardization in the area of earthmoving machinery and other machinery that are associated with them, from the standpoint of terminology, classification, parameters, technical requirements and test methods, requirements for safety and ergonomics, handling and maintenance.

Work Programme

Relation with all international committees

CEN/TC 151
Construction equipment and building material machines - Safety
CEN/TC 337
Road operation equipment and products
ISO/TC 127
Earth-moving machinery
ISO/TC 195
Building construction machinery and equipment
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry