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D083 Sports and recreational equipment

Standard designation: D083
Status: Active
Chairman: dr Savko Jekić
Secretary: Marina Donić

Serbian title

Опрема за спорт, рекреацију и игралишта

English title

Sports and recreational equipment

Scope in Serbian

Спортска опрема и игралишта, опрема за дечја игралишта и друге опреме за рекреацију са становишта: терминологије, техничких захтева за безбедност и функционалност, метода испитивања, означавања, одржавања уграђене опреме и друго. Такође бицикли, њихове компоненте и пратећа опрема.

Scope in English

Sports equipment and playground equipment for children's playgrounds and other recreational equipment from the standpoint of: terminology, technical requirements for security and performance, test methods, marking, maintenance of installed equipment, and more. Also bicycles, their components and accessories.

Relation with all international committees

CEN/TC 136
Sports, playground and other recreational facilities and equipment
CEN/TC 217
Surfaces for sports areas
CEN/TC 333
Sports and other recreational facilities and equipment
ISO/TC 149
CEN/TC 402
Domestic Pools and Spas