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N033 Power capacitors

Standard designation: N033
Status: Active
Chairman: mr Nikola Laketić
Secretary: Vesna Bogdanović

Serbian title

Енергетски кондензатори

English title

Power capacitors

Scope in Serbian

Предмет и поручје рада Комисије за стандарде KS N033 је припрема стандарда за све врсте енергетских кондензатора, њихових функционалних карактеристика и њихову примену, као и свих захтева за безбедност и испитивање старења различитих врста кондензатора за употребу у електроенергетским системима.

Scope in English

The working task for technical committee KS N033 is to prepare standards for all kids of power capacitors, their functional characteristic and their appliances, as well as all safety and aging test requirements for different types of condensers used in power systems.

Relation with all international committees

TC 33
Power capacitors and their applications
Power capacitors and their applications