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F094 Protective clothing and protective equipment

Standard designation: F094
Status: Active
Chairman: dr Aleksandar Cvjetić
Secretary: Jelena Božović

Serbian title

Заштитна одећа и заштитна опрема

English title

Protective clothing and protective equipment

Scope in Serbian

Стандардизација квалитета и перформанси заштитне одеће, заштитних рукавица, заштитне обуће и опреме за личну заштиту против падова са висине конструиране тако да обезбеде запослене од опасности, осим од опасности од нуклеарне радијације.

Scope in English

Standardization of the quality and performance of clothing and personal equipment designed to safeguard persons against hazards other than those concerned with nuclear radiation.

Work Programme

Relation with all international committees

CEN/TC 160
Protection against falls from height including working belts
CEN/TC 161
Foot and leg protectors
CEN/TC 162
Protective clothing including hand and arm protection and lifejackets
ISO/TC 94/SC 3
Foot protection
ISO/TC 94/SC 4
Personal equipment for protection against falls
ISO/TC 94/SC 13
Protective clothing
Respiratory protective devices
CEN/TC 158
Head protection