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SRPS EN ISO/IEC 19788-1:2014

Status: Објављен
Lang: English
Pages: 65
Published: 30.04.2014
National registry: 49/14
Number of decision:
Edition: 1 ED
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This standard is identical to:
EN ISO/IEC 19788-1:2012   CEN/TC 353
Price: 4278 RSD

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Serbian title

Informacione tehnologije — Učenje, obrazovanje i obuka — Metapodaci za resurse za učenje — Deo 1: Okvir rada

English title

Information technology - Learning, education and training - Metadata for learning resources - Part 1: Framework (ISO/IEC 19788-1:2011)

Serbian scope

Primarni cilj ovog standarda je da se specificiraju elementi metapodataka i njihovi atributi za opisivanje resursa za učenje. Obuhvaćena su glavna pravila identifikacije elemenata podataka i specifikacije atributa.

English scope

The primary purpose of ISO/IEC 19788 is to specify metadata elements and their attributes for the description of learning resources. This includes the rules governing the identification of data elements and the specification of their attributes. ISO/IEC 19788-1:2011 provides data elements for the description of learning resources and resources directly related to learning resources. ISO/IEC 19788-1:2011 provides principles, rules and structures for the specification of the description of a learning resource; it identifies and specifies the attributes of a data element as well as the rules governing their use. The key principles stated in ISO/IEC 19788-1:2011 are informed by a user requirements-driven context with the aim of supporting multilingual and cultural adaptability requirements from a global perspective. ISO/IEC 19788-1:2011 is information-technology-neutral and defines a set of common approaches, i.e. methodologies and constructs, which apply to the development of the subsequent parts of ISO/IEC 19788.

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data processing, education, training, teaching, information exchange, data transfer, metadata, XML