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SRPS EN 15982:2013

Status: Објављен
Lang: English
Pages: 13
Published: 26.04.2013
National registry: 40/13
Number of decision:
Edition: 1 ED
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This standard is identical to:
EN 15982:2011   CEN/TC 353
Price: 1926 RSD

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Serbian title

Metapodaci za mogućnosti za učenje (MLO) — Reklamiranje

English title

Metadata for Learning Opportunities (MLO) - Advertising

Serbian scope

Ovim evropskim standardom specificiraju se karakteristike elektronskog predstavljanja mogućnosti za učenje kako bi se olakšalo njihovo reklamiranje i mogućnost da sa tim budu upoznati budući učenici.

English scope

This European Standard specifies the characteristics of electronic representation of Learning Opportunities in order to facilitate their advertising and subsequent discovery by prospective learners. Key users of the standard will be: - those who provide opportunities for learning and wish to advertise them; - those who offer electronic search services that aggregate results from multiple Learning Opportunity providers; - those who wish to compare Learning Opportunities that have been represented electronically. This European Standard specifies an abstract model for representing Learning Opportunities. The model specifies three resources about which metadata can be stored to facilitate advertising of Learning Opportunities: a) the Learning Opportunity Provider; b) the Learning Opportunity Specification; and c) the Learning Opportunity Instance. This European Standard specifies the characteristics of relations between the three resources and recommends a core set of metadata for each.

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education, training, teaching, courses, information exchange, metadata, data, data organization, data processing, publicity, internet