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SRPS EN 12864:2009/A3:2011

Status: Повучен
Lang: English
Pages: 5
Published: 31.05.2011
Date withdrawn: 29.08.2014
National registry: 40/11
Number of decision:
Edition: 1 ED
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This standard is identical to:
EN 12864:2001/A3:2009   CEN/TC 181
Price: 1241 RSD

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Serbian title

Regulatori bez podešavanja za niske pritiske, sa pomoćnim sigurnosnim uređajima za butan, propan i njihove mešavine, koji imaju najveći izlazni pritisak manji ili jednak 200 mbar i sa kapacitetom manjim ili jednakim 4 kg/h — Izmena 3

English title

Low-pressure, non adjustable regulators having a maximum outlet pressure of less than or equal to 200 mbar, with a capacity of less than or equal to 4 kg/h, and their associated safety devices for butane, propane or their mixtures

Serbian scope

Ovim standard definiše izradu i radne karakteristike, zahteve za bezbednost i metode ispitivanja, obeležavanje regulatora bez podešavanja za niske pritiske, i to za butan, propan i njihove mešavine. Ovaj standard odnosi se na regulatore koji se napajaju na pritisku parne faze iz jedne ili više prenosivih boca. Oni se obično direktno priključuju na ventil boce ili samozatvarajući ventil. Regulatori obuhvaćeni ovim standardom su projektovani za maksimalne izlazne pritiske do i uključujući 200 mbar i maksimalne protoke do i uključujući 4 kg/h. Ovaj standard se odnosi i na uređaje za bezbednost koji se isporučuje kao deo regulatora.

English scope

This European standard defines the structural and operational characteristics, the safety requirements and test methods, the marking, of low-pressure, non adjustable regulators for butane, propane or their mixtures, referred to in the body of the text as "regulators". This European Standard covers regulators supplied at vapour pressure by one or several portable cylinders. They are normally directly connected to the cylinder valve or the self closing valve. The regulators covered by this standard are designed for a maximum outlet pressure of up to and including 200 mbar and a maximum rate of up to and including 4 kg/h. This European Standard also applies to the safety devices which are supplied as part of the regulators. The characteristics of these devices are given in annex A and B. The requirements of this European Standard apply generally to regulators used in locations where the temperature likely to be reached during use is between - 20 °C and + 50 °C, + 50 °C being the maximum temperature allowable for the cylinder. When the devices are subjected to temperatures below this range, they shall comply with special requirements defined in annex C. Regulators designed for specific purposes (caravans and motor caravans) which are subjected to special require-ments are dealt with in annex D. This European standard does not include the installation rules for regulators and their possible associated safety devices. In this matter, reference should be made to national regulations in force in the member countries. Regulators which are intended to be used with gases containing methylacetylene and propadiene are excluded from the scope of this European Standard. This European standard only covers type testing. WARNING NOTICE: The figures in annexes G and H show the types of connections used according to the country of use of the regulators The top part of these figures (above the horizontal line) applies to the regulator and is normative.

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