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SRPS EN 12669:2009

Status: Повучен
Lang: English
Pages: 78
Published: 27.04.2009
Date withdrawn: 31.01.2018
National registry: 37/09
Number of decision: 720/37-51-02/2018
Edition: 1 ED
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This standard is identical to:
EN 12669:2000   CEN/TC 180
Price: 4578 RSD

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Serbian title

Gasni generatori vrućeg vazduha sa ventilatorom, koji se koriste u staklenim baštama i za dopunsko zagrevanje prostora van domaćinstva

English title

Direct gas-fired hot air blowers for use in greenhouses and supplementary non-domestic space heating

Serbian scope

Ovim evropskim standardom se utvrđuju zahtevi i metode ispitivanja vezane za bezbednost gasnih generatora vrućeg vazduha sa ventilatorom, koji se koriste u staklenim baštama, agrokulturi ili za dopunsko zagrevanje prostora.

English scope

This European Standard specifies the requirements and tests methods for the safety of direct gas-fired hot air blowers for greenhouses, agriculturalized or supplementary space heating, hereinafter called "appliances". "Supplementary" in this standard means to make up a deficiency, i.e. for the temporary heating of spaces intended for agricultural or commercial use:- workshops, sheds, stables, poultry houses, barns, cattle pens, etc. - factories, workshops, warehouses, storage sheds, mills, hangers, drying of buildings, temporary site accomodation, etc.d

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