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SRPS EN 12078:2011

Status: Повучен
Lang: Serbian
Pages: 28
Published: 31.03.2011
Date withdrawn: 23.05.2012
National registry: 25/11
Number of decision:
Edition: 1 ED
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This standard is identical to:
EN 12078:1998   CEN/TC 58
Price: 3507 RSD

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Serbian title

Nulti regulatori za gasne gorionike i gasne aparate

English title

Zero governors for gas burners and gas burning appliances

Serbian scope

Ovim standardom utvrđuju se zahtevi za bezbednost, konstrukciju i performanse nultih regulatora pritiska, koji su predviđeni za upotrebu sa gasnim aparatima. U njemu su takođe dati postupci za vrednovanje ovih zahteva i informacije koje su neophodne za kupca i korisnika. Ovaj standard se primenjuje na nulte regulatore za gasne aparate koji mogu da se koriste i ispituju nezavisno od ovih aparata. Ovi nulti regulatori podesni su za jedan ili više gorivih gasova iz grpe 1, 2, i 3, pri ulaznim pritiscima do i uključujući 200 mbar.

English scope

This standard specifies he safety, constructional and performance requirements for zero pressure governors, hereafter referred to as zero governors, intended for use with gas appliances. It also gives the test procedures for evaluating these requirements and information necessary for the purchaser and user. This standard applies to zero governors for gas-burning appliances that may be used and tested independently of these appliances. These zero governors are suitable for one or more of the fuel gases of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd families, at inlet pressures up to and including 200 mbar. This standard does not cover : a) zero governors connected directly to distribution pipework or to container that maintains a standard distribution pressure; b) zero governors intended for gas appliances to be installed out-of-doors and exposed to the environment. This standard covers type testing only.

Technical committees



National regulation

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National action

SRPS EN 88-1:2012 replaces SRPS EN 12078:2011 - 23.05.2012


gas appliance burners, pressure regulators, definitions, safety, equipment, specifications, materials, dimensions, performance evaluation, durability, tests, leak tests, performance tests, marking, technical notices