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SRPS EN 126:2008

Status: Повучен
Lang: Serbian
Pages: 28
Published: 26.11.2008
Date withdrawn: 31.07.2013
National registry: 114/8
Number of decision:
Edition: 1 ED
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This standard is identical to:
EN 126:2004   CEN/TC 58
Price: 3507 RSD

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Serbian title

Višefunkcionalni uređaji za upravljanje gasnim aparatima

English title

Multifunctional controls for gas burning appliances

Serbian scope

Ovaj standard utvrđuje zahteve za bezbednost, konstrukciju i performanse kod uređaja za upravljanje višefuncionalnim gasnim gorionicima i gasnim aparatima.Takođe ovaj standard utvrđuje postupke ispitivanja kojima se potvrđuju utvrđeni zahtevi. Ovaj standard se primenjuje na višefunkcionalne uređaje za upravljanje sa nazivnim priključkom do i uključujući DN 150 i sa najvećim radnim pritiscima gasa do i uključujući 500 mbar.

English scope

This European Standard specifies the safety, constructional and performance requirements for multifunctional controls for gas burners and gas appliances, hereafter referred to as multifunctional controls. It also gives the test procedures for evaluating these requirements and information necessary to the purchaser and the user. It applies to multifunctional controls of nominal inlet connection size up to and including DN 150 with a declared maximum working pressure up to and including 500 mbar for use on burners or in appliances for use with one or more fuel gases of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd families. This European Standard covers type testing only It applies to multifunctional controls with two or more of the following functions, one of which is a shut-off function. These additional functions may be: ¾ manually operated tap ¾ flame supervision device ¾ governor ¾ flow rate adjuster ¾ water-operated gas valve ¾ mechanical thermostat ¾ gas pressure sensing device ¾ gas/air ratio control Multifunctional controls complying with this standard may also include additional features (e. g. igniters, timers).

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National regulation

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National action

SRPS EN 126:2013 replaces SRPS EN 126:2008 - 31.07.2013