COVID-19 – Important information about ISS business in the state of emergency
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We are following up on the daily communications of the responsible state authorities and act in accordance with the "Decision on the procedure and organization of work at the Institute for Standardization of Serbia during the State of Emergency in order to prevent the spreading of COVID-19", No. 1313/1-51-02/2020, dated 17 March 2020, passed by the ISS Director.


ISS employees

Due to the precautionary measures caused by the COVID-19 global outbreak, and in accordance with the aforementioned Decision, ISS employees are assigned to their jobs and work either from home, or according to the specific schedule, at ISS premises. In this way, we operate as a societally responsible organization that protects its employees, associates and the users of ISS services, as well as the members of their families, and, therefore, the entire community.


NTC meetings

All NTC meetings scheduled at the ISS premises will continue to be held either by correspondence or through web meetings, or postponed until further precautionary measures are announced.


Seminars and trainings

All seminars and trainings organized by ISS are postponed until further notice, and all participants who have applied to attend one of the seminars or trainings will be informed on how to find the solution for holding seminars or trainings in the coming period (for example, free of charge on-line seminars).


Participation in the work of the international or European TCs

All Serbian experts involved in the work, or participating in the work of the international and European TCs, will be duly informed regarding the meetings organized by ISO, IEC, CEN and CENELEC. These meetings will either be organized as virtual meetings, or postponed, and the information referring to that issue will be forwarded accordingly.


To all our users and customers

Information on all ISS services, such as providing information on standards, sales of standards, information on seminars and trainings, the work of the ISS Registry office, is available by contacting the following phone numbers:


  • sales of standards: 011 3409 335, 064 6430 254
  • Infocenter: 011 3409 310, 063 640 194
  • standardization issues: 011 3409 303, 069 640 196
  • marketing: 011 3409 340, 064 6430 253
  • registry office: 011 3409 336, 063 640 193
  • legal affairs: 011 3409 301, 063 640 193