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ISS hosts the meeting of European fuel experts

Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS) hosted the meetings of three CEN working bodies: CEN/TC 19/WG 21, Specification for unleaded petrol, CEN/TC 19/WG 24, Specification of distillate fuels and CEN/TC 441, Fuel labelling, on November 6th and 7th 2018. Together with more than 50 experts from Europe, Serbian fuel experts who are ISS NTC members, also  participated in the work of these technical working bodies.


The “hot” topic considered and investigated was fuel labelling according to the new standard EN 16942, as well as the implementation of the standard itself. Standardization in the field of fuel, and especially fuel quality, is of particular importance to the economy and the public in the Republic of Serbia, and this is the first time that ISS hosts meetings of European technical working bodies in this field.


Serbian companies SGS doo, NIS a.d. and Jugoinspekt Novi Sad, as the sponsors of these meetings, recognized the importance of holding this event in the Republic of Serbia as an opportunity for exchanging good practice in implementing standards at the national level, as well as an excellent way of sharing new ideas among experts.