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Standardization of graphic technologies

Although we are accustomed to sharing data easily and effortlessly overcoming the barriers between electronic and print media, there is still a need for optimization and standardization in this area. Bearing in mind the needs of the market in the Republic of Serbia, as well as the fact that until now within ISS there was no NTC dealing with standards in this field, at the end of 2019 a NTC in the field of graphic technologies was established. As early as January 2020, 19 standards were published in this field.
As the name of the NTC implies, its subject matter primarily covers the standardization in the field of printing and graphic technologies. Standards in this area include all stages of the process, including terminology, visual assessment of product appearance and quality, data sharing, process control, management, conformity assessment, environmental impact, as well as requirements for testing related materials, equipment and systems.
In addition to these standards, which have been published in English, this committee will in the future translate into Serbian four standards in the SRPS ISO 12637 series, parts 1 to 4, relating to basic terminology in this area (basic terms, terms in preparation for printing, printing dates and deadlines).