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How to help a company to last longer?

Some companies last only a few years, some record decades, and some more than a hundred years of business history. Statistics say that the average life of companies is shortening, and it is estimated that by 2027 the average life of a company will be only 12 years. How to survive in a fast-changing world, how to adapt to new technologies, how to prepare for economic shocks, the growing success of competitors and various business challenges? The answer is provided by one of the standards from the quality management system - ISO 9004, which was adopted and published in Serbian by ISS in late 2019. It is the standard SRPS EN ISO 9004: 2019, Quality management - Quality of an organization - Guidance to achieve sustained success. 
This standard is primarily intended for companies that want to improve their quality management system and who want to identify areas for improvement and/or innovation and to set priorities for future action. Experts from around the world have participated in the development of this international standard, transferring their experiences from the world’s most enduring companies to this document to help other companies prepare for future challenges and, at the same time, improve their performance by applying the strategies from the document.
As stated by Charles Corey, Secretary of the ISO/TC 176 who drafted this standard, ISO 9004 will help organizations not only survive but also achieve sustainable success.
-   Business failure often occurs because organizations do not adapt to the changes in the market, competition or new technologies. ISO 9004 is based on the strategies, best practices and experiences of some of the most successful companies in the world to provide guidance to organizations, regardless of their size or type of business - said Corey.
 This standard is a revised edition of the standard published in 2009 and is significant for companies that would raise their business to a scale higher than the requirements set by ISO 9001. All interested users can obtain this standard through online sales, as well as at ISS store in Stevana Brakusa 2 in Belgrade. If users want to get acquainted with the text of the standard before purchasing it, it can be done through our online access service of Serbian standards and related documents. The standard can also be read at the ISS premises in Belgrade and at the premises of regional chambers of commerce in Subotica, Novi Sad, Valjevo, Kragujevac, Zaječar and Niš, free of charge.