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Rulebook on building constructions

The Rulebook on building constructions was published on December 18, 2019 and came into force on December 26, 2019, and the application of Eurocodes referred to in this Rulebook became mandatory. Until now, ISS already published more than 300 mandatory standards referred to in this Rulebook, and in the Decision on the published and withdrawn standards from January 31, 2020, 2 additional documents supporting this Rulebook were published, i.e.: National Annex SRPS EN 1996-1-2/NA:2020 and SRPS ISO 4866:2020.


In order to facilitate the purchasing of a large number of standards in this area, ISS published several electronic standard collections referring to Eurocode series and offered them to the public under favourable commercial conditions. These standard collections contain all Serbian standards in Serbian and English language, and for the standards published in English, ISS offers to the customers the translations of the standards, as a useful tool for reading the standards in English. These translations are so called not authorized  translations, because they were made by ISS own capacities and the responsible NTCs did not check their validity. Additionally, when purchasing single standard editions in English language, the unauthorized translation of the standard is forwarded to the customer. In the coming period, the customers may expect the new electronic standard collections in this field.


The adoption of Eurocodes into the national standardization system started in 2012 and was preceded by promotional activities that were intensively implemented through the project from 2006 to 2009. Support for the publication of the first Eurocodes as Serbian standards in the Serbian language was provided by the initial translations created in this project, and the publications produced during that period, which can still be found on the market today, do not represent the Serbian standard. Therefore, we would like to draw the attention of Eurocode users to the fact that standards are regularly revised and updated and the only place where the latest issues of standards in our country can be obtained is the Institute for Standardization of Serbia, the only national standardization body of the Republic of Serbia.