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How to improve customer satisfaction?

In the modern business, customer satisfaction is one of the key factors for achieving competitive advantage, and the rights of consumers to be informed and to receive compensation if their expectations are not met, which is also highlighted in the United Nations Consumer Guidelines.


In this context, both European and International standardization bodies are continuously working on new versions of standards in this field in order to achieve greater customer satisfaction by implementing them. At the end of last year, in the November Decision on the adoption/withdrawal of Serbian standards and related documents, the Institute for Standardization of Serbia published several standards related to customer satisfaction.


First and, evidently, the most important standard is SRPS ISO 10002:2019, Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations. At this moment, one other Serbian standard is on the public enquiry: SRPS ISO 10001:2019, Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations. The publication of this standard is expected during the next month, and also the new editions of SRPS ISO 10003 and SRPS ISO 10004 will be published soon. The last two mentioned standards refer to the external dispute resolution guidelines for organizations and monitoring and measurement guidance.


The publication of one more Serbian standard SRPS EN 14012:2019, Postal services – Quality of service – Complaints handling principles, which specifies complaints handling principles related to domestic and international postal services was also announced in the November Decision on the adoption/withdrawal of Serbian standards and related documents. This standard also gives guidance for the compensation and redress procedures regarding the domestic and international postal services.


All the above mentioned standards are available for: free of charge reading at the ISS Standards Library, as well as in the Infocenters located in the Regional Chambers of Commerce in six Serbian towns: Subotica, Novi Sad, Valjevo, Kragujevac, Zaječar and Niš. They can also be read on-line as one of the ISS services, or purchased via ISS web site or in ISS Sales Division.