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Seminar “Risk assessment techniques in accordance with SRPS EN 31010: 2011 (practical training)” held in ISS

The seminar, "Risk Assessment Techniques in accordance with SRPS EN 31010: 2011 (Practical Training)", held on November 8 at ISS, provided the participants with an opportunity to gain new knowledge of sophisticated methods and techniques from risk management professionals regarding the issue of risk assessment, which allow for more accurate risk assessment. The aim of the seminar was to understand risk assessment in the risk management process.

Through examples and discussion, lecturers Dr. Dragana Makajić-Nikolić, from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, and Mirjana Mirković-Đorđević, MA, representative of the ISS, talked about the concept of risk assessment, review of risk assessment techniques, selection of appropriate techniques depending on the objectives of risk assessment, as well as techniques for determining the cause and effect of risk events and techniques for prioritizing actions to prevent risk events.