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New standard to cleaner LPG

Thanks to the new standard SRPS EN 589:2019, published last month by ISS and referenced in the Rulebook on Technical and Other Requirements for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG will need to be a cleaner fuel in Serbia in the future.


Specifically, the new version of the standard established a lower limit for the total sulfur content - from 50 mg/kg reduced to 30 mg/kg. In addition, a minimum propane content of 20% (w/w) has been established, which will have to be complied with by 30 April 2022 and subsequently increased to 30% (w/w). Also, this standard prescribes a maximum amount of carcinogenic 1,3 butadiene, which can now be up to 0.1% (m/m), with earlier content of 1.3 butadiene falling within the total dienes, in the maximum amount of 0.5% (w/w).


You can also get information about this standard through our website, and you can also read it in ISS Infocenter or through our new online reading service.