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The importance of the application of standards for the IT sector

Taking into consideration the increasing importance of standards in the field of IT technologies (among others, personal data protection, information security, etc.), with the intention of encouraging representatives of this area of the economy to become involved in the standardization process in Serbia, as well as to raise awareness of the IT sector about the necessity to implement and apply standards in general, at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, on October 15th , the Informatics Association of Serbia (IAS) organized a panel discussion "Implementation of standards in the field of information technologies".


Snežana Lilić and Ivan Babić, ISS NTC secretaries, represented the ISS work, its activities and the services offered, as well as the advantages and benefits of the involvement of the  professional representatives in the standardization process in Serbia. On that occasion, they spoke about the scope of work of all the national technical committees in reference with information technology standards.

Prof. dr Dragana Bečejski Vujaklija the Vice-President of the Informatics Association of Serbia (IAS), emphasized in her presentation the benefits of standards implementation and application, such as: reducing the time spent on the removing the product defects, the access to the markets demanding high quality, assured quality of software development in multiple projects, faster digitalization and the modernization of domestic industry.

During the panel discussion, it was concluded that in the coming period it will be necessary to help the representatives of the IT sector to get acquainted with the standards in this field, to point out the problems in the implementation of the standards, as well as the possible ways of overcoming them.