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The Study on the state in the construction sector in Serbia published

Within in the scope of the project "Support to the Improvement and Development of the Serbian Quality Infrastructure Sector" and in cooperation with the Czech Office for Standardization, Metrology and Testing (ÚNMZ), the Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS), realized various activities relevant for the construction sector. One of these activities is the development of the Study “The Overview of the Serbian Construction Sector covered by the European Regulation (EU) 305/2011 and its expected impact on the industry”, started in coordination and consultation with the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.


The main objective of this study was to develop expertise on the state of capacity in Serbia in the field of construction products and strengthening them in the area of quality infrastructure and implementation of European legislation and standards, especially with the aim of expanding the market for the placement of these products.

The Study will be of great benefit primarily to the state authorities, which are responsible for drafting the by-laws within a limited time and start putting them into practice, as well as to the companies and entrepreneurs because it gives a clear picture of the construction sector in Serbia. It also identifies potential risks, opportunities and directions for the development of the construction sector in Serbia. In addition, the Study may be of interest to the conformity assessment bodies and, in general, to all those to whom this law and by-laws directly or indirectly refer to and apply. The author of the Study is Dejana Milinković, the national expert and the data presented in this Study are officially obtained from the Business Registers Agency and the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.


The Study is available to the public and can be downloaded free of charge in Serbian and English language.