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ISS and AZSTAND cooperation

Tatjana Bojanić, Director of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS) and Namiq Tagiyev, Director General of the Azerbaijan Standardization Institute (AZSTAND), signed a Memorandum of Understanding on October 4th at the ISS premises in Belgrade. As envisaged by this Memorandum, in the future, the national standardization bodies of the Republic of Serbia and Azerbaijan will improve the cooperation in the field of standardization and exchange of expertise.


The signed memorandum stipulates that the two national bodies will exchange information on plans for the development of national standards and projects, catalogues of national standards, periodicals and other documents. The representatives of the standardization bodies of the two countries also agreed on the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of conformity assessment, certification, as well as professional knowledge, and in the coming period they will cooperate in the organization of joint seminars and trainings.


At the same time, Aleksandar Cincar, Director of the Institute for Standardization of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ISBiH) and Namiq Tagiyev, Director of the Institute for Standardization of Azerbaijan, signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the national bodies of the two countries.


Ms. Bojanić, ISS Director, and Mr. Cincar, ISBiH Director, then signed an agreement on business-technical cooperation in the area of ​​conformity assessment between the two bodies.