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The festive celebration of 85 years of standardization

In the presence of representatives of European and International Organizations for Standardization, representatives of the national standardization bodies from neighboring countries, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Economy and many other officials, the Institute for Standardization of Serbia celebrated 85 years of standardization in this region, the Day of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia and the World Standards Day.


Opening the ceremony, Mr Aleksandar Starčević, Assistant Minister,  Ministry of Economy, pointed out that the standardization is the main support of the economic and technological development of the society, and that implementation of standards enables and encourages the progress of all those who want to keep up with the times.


-           The importance of ISS is best explained by three things. First, 85-year long tradition and experience, second - recognition of ISS as an equal partner in the standardization at the international and European level, and third - the constant pursuance of this institution to develop and improve its work – Mr. Starčević said.


Mrs Tatjana Bojanić, ISS Director, reminded on the first institutionalized approach to the standardization in this region and on the establishment of the Yugoslav Committee for Normalization in 1934 at the Faculty of Engineering in Belgrade, as well as the history of the bodies responsible for standardization in the past 85 years. Mrs Bojanić emphasized the fact that in 1963, the Institute for Standardization of Yugoslavia had 3600 national standards in various fields and today, ISS has more than 30 000 Serbian standards.


As she pointed out, a lot has changed in these 85 years, but one thing remained the same - the effort to improve and facilitate life conditions, products of human labour and management with standards.


ISS had the special honour of hosting Mrs Elena Santiago Cid, Director of the European Organizations for Standardization (CEN and CENELEC), and Mr Sergio Mujica, Secretary-General of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). They also addressed the audience.


Although, the youngest full member of the European Organization for Standardization, ISS has shown impressive progress.This is one success story and the participation of Serbian experts in the meetings of the European Technical Committees confirms technical expertise of Serbian experts, which all contributes to the single European market - Mrs Santiago Cid pointed out, noting that she was very pleased to be the guest of ISS and Belgrade for first time.



Mr Mujica, Secretary-General of ISO, in his speech to the audience, emphasized the rich history of standardization in this region, resulting in ISS having a promising future. He pointed out that the cooperation between ISO and ISS is long and successful and that ISS is a member of the big international family. ISS is actually ISO in Serbia and in that sense ISO is in good hands – concluded Mr Mujica in his speech.


On this occasion, ISS awarded Mrs Elena Santiago and Mr Sergio Mujica for outstanding contributions to the development, implementation and promotion of standards and for the advancement of standardization in the Republic of Serbia.


In such a rich history of standardization in this region, the area in which standards have always played an important role is construction, and to this end, during the ceremony, some of the examples of construction from the last century were recognized by the world public as worthy of attention, and became an example for the construction in the 21st century.


Then the participants were introduced to the buildings facilitating Serbia in keeping up with the world, i.e. green building, that is an absolute imperative for the future.


As the World Standards Day was also celebrated on this occasion, the standards in the field of video technologies were one of the topics, because they are the thema of this year’s World Standards Day.


ISS celebrated this anniversary under the slogan "Life in the Standards World", with the goal to make the general public aware of the importance of implementing standards.


ISS thanked the following sponsors of the ceremony for their support: platinum sponsor - "Profi Lab" - Testing, Control and Certification Laboratory, Belgrade, silver sponsors -"Avalon Partners", Belgrade,  "Fragmat S Šid" and "CRH Srbija" and the donor: "Peštan Bukovik".