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Life in the standards world


This illustration, which has intrigued our followers after the first posts on our social networking profiles, is actually the motto of this year's anniversary - 85 years of standardization in this region. Namely, on September 16, 1934, the founding assembly of the Yugoslav National Committee for Normalization was held at the Technical Faculty in Belgrade.


As published by the daily newspaper Politika on 17th September, 1934, statutes were prepared on the basis of which "the Committee, in cooperation with the state authorities, will in the shortest time begin to determine the limits and scales of products in use, according to form and quality, prescribing performance standards, and later, if possible, prices for them ”.


The published illustration is the work of our famous illustrator Dobrosav Bob Živković, and is only the beginning of our activities to mark the anniversary. With this illustration, we wanted to bring the basic role of standardization closer to the public, and that is, simply put, to make our day-to-day lives easier and safer.