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Workshop on Risk Management

The Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS), the Center for Risk Analysis and Crisis Management – CRACM, in partnership with SGS and Serbian Association of Corporate Security Managers, on July 16th 2019, organized the workshop dedicated for the experts in the risk management field with the title „Modern practice of managing security risks in companies“. 

This workshop was intended for the top management, as well as for the professionals dealing with the risk management in HR and logistics processes.By solving practical tasks, participants were able to learn about ways of identifying and evaluating risks, their control, procedures establishing, identifying the necessary resources, the necessary competencies of the participants in the process of risk management, the process of monitoring and checking of the measures taken to control and manage risk.

Mr. Jason Brown, Chairman of ISO/TC 262, Risk Management, was the lecturer at this workshop.

The workshop was organized in the premises of Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.