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New standard and another seminar in the field of risk management

Loss of reputation or endangering the brand's position, cybercrime, political risk, terrorism are just some of the risks faced by organizations around the world today. Risk is an inseparable part of the business of both smaller and larger organizations and therefore facing the risk is essential for managing the organization at all levels. However, what has been a good practice for risk management a few years ago, today is not very appropriate because of new types of risks, so the international standard that relates to this area is frequently revised.


Just last month, the Institute for Standardization of Serbia published a new bilingual edition of SRPS ISO 31000, Risk Management - Guidelines, which provides organizations (regardless of size and type of activity) a common approach to risk management in each activity, including decision making at all levels.


In the process of risk management, it is very important to comprehend the role of risk assessment, i.e. to determine the possibility of occurrence of risk events, as well as their consequences. In order to make it easier for risk assessment professionals and everyone involved in quality, health and safety at work to familiarize themselves with methods and techniques for risk assessment, the Institute again organizes a two-day practical seminar in this field upon the request of the users. There is a lot of interest in the seminar, but you can still sign up. The seminar "Risk Assessment Techniques in accordance with SRPS EN 31010: 2011 (Practical Training)", will be held on 4 and 5 June. At this seminar, three of the most well-known and most used risk assessment techniques will be processed, and you can read more about the program of seminar, lecturers and participation conditions at the following link: