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The CEN / TC 230 session in the ISS has been successfully concluded

After three days of several working groups meetings, a meeting of the Technical Committee CEN/TC 230 "Water Analysis" was held at the Institute for Standardization of Serbia yesterday, which was organized for the first time in Belgrade and, judging by the impressions of more than 30 experts from 11 European countries, has fully met the expectations of the participants.


During these meetings, areas of interest for further standardization within working groups were considered: "Coordination group for biological methods", "Water body characteristics", "Invertebrates", "Fish population monitoring", and on the second day of the meeting a new working group - WG 28 (DNA and eDNA methods) was established. A draft project proposal for a newly-formed working group, which refers to taking water samples for further analysis of microscopic and macroscopic DNA in the aquatic environment, has been of great interest since, so far, there was no standard in the CEN/TC 230 dealing with this issue.


At the working group meetings, among other things, it was agreed unanimously that the standard EN 16150: 2012 is to be revised, a very important new project - CEN/TS 16800 revision was introduced, the issues related to the revision of EN 14011:2003 were discussed, and it was agreed and that by the beginning of September this year, it is determined whether there is an interest in establishing a new working group for marine underwater grasses, sampling and analysis of micro-zooplankton.


After the working group meeting, the 35th CEN/TC 230 Plenary Meeting was held, after which the chairman of this technical committee, Ulrich Borchers, expressed his gratitude to the ISS for organizing the session.