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Exchange of experiences with the Czech Republic in the field of construction

Within the framework of the continuation of the implementation of the Czech Development Cooperation Program "Aid for Trade in Serbia - Support for Improvement and Development of Serbian Quality Infrastructure", the Czech Office of Standards, Metrology and Testing (UNMZ) in Prague has exchanged experiences on the application of standards in the field of civil engineering with three representatives of the Institute, from the General Standardization Department. The focus of this study visit last week in Prague was the implementation of standards for designing constructions - Eurocodes and harmonized standards used to put construction products on the European market. Through an interview with UNMZ colleagues and their expert, Radiša Knežević, Dušan Pajović and Jelena Skoković familiarized themselves with their approach to updating national contributions to Eurocodes and the problems they had in implementing, as well as in the manner prescribed by the conditions for the proper use of construction products in buildings. It was also discussed about the implementation of standards for energy performance of buildings, as well as on the ways of communication with ministries. Examples of good practices shared during this study visit will be very useful for further improvements to the ISS.


In the continuation of the realization of this program for development of cooperation, ISS will organize three promotional two-day seminars with domestic and Czech experts at the beginning of September this year. The theme of the seminar will be the design of concrete structures according to Eurocode 2 and it is planned to be held in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad. In support of these seminars, a publication with well-designed examples for the design of concrete buildings will also be published.