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ISS management visited Info – centers in Niš and Zaječar

Within the sheduled visits to the newly established Info-centers for standards in six Serbian cities, ISS management, together with the colleagues from Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PKS), visited two Info-centers in the Regional Chambers of Commerce in Niš and Kragujevac. Tatjana Bojanić, ISS Director and Violeta Nešković Popović, Assistant Director of the Department for International Cooperation, Information and Publishing, together with Dušan Stokić, Head of Department for Environment, Technical Regulations, Quality and Social Responsibility, and Mirjana Milenković, PKS IT Department, discussed about the work and functionality of the Info-centers, as well as considered the possibilities for expanding the models of future cooperation between ISS and PKS and introduction of the new services.


During the visit and discussions with Aleksandar Milićević, Director of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Niš and Milan Badivuk, Coordinator for Industry at the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Zaječar, it was concluded that the Info-centers are properly established and functional, the RPK employees are trained for providing this new service, nevertheless, businessmen and entrepreneurs from these regions are still not sufficiently informed regarding the existance of these Info-centers, or with the possibility to get complete information about the standards necessary for their businesses. One of the services rendered by the Info-centers is reading the texts of valid Serbian standards in the premises of Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Therefore, one of the important future activities of the Info-centers situated in Subotica, Novi Sad, Valjevo, Kragujevac, Zaječar and Niš, and also ISS and PKS, will be the promotion of their activities and services they are offering. All Info-centers started working on January 1st 2019.

In the scope of the project, GIZ, in cooperation with ISS and Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PKS), established information centers in regional chambers of commerce in six Serbian cities in order to inform the public in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, in a timely manner, about the latest issues of standards and standardization in general. Until the date of their establishment, similar Info-center existed only in ISS premises in Stevana Brakusa 2, Belgrade.