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Textbook on standards and regulations in mining field

On the initiative of the professor of the Technical Faculty in Bor - University of Belgrade, Dr. Miodrag Žikić and Dr. Saša Stojadinović, in cooperation with the Institute for Standardization of Serbia (ISS), a few days ago a textbook "Standards, legal regulations and technical documentation in mining " was published.


In addition to the textbook being significant for students of mining engineering, it can be of use to experts who work on the exploitation and maintenance of mining facilities, or who work in the mining industry. The textbook first explained the definition of standardization, its goals and development, the process of adopting and withdrawing Serbian standards, then the legislation (in the broadest sense, but also in relation to mining in the Republic of Serbia), and finally all details related to the investment - technical documentation for the execution of mining works.


Tatjana Bojanic, ISS Director, participated in the review of this textbook, and Ivan Krstić, the former ISS director, also gave significant contribution in its development.