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New electronic collections of Eurocodes in Serbian

During the last year, the Institute for Standardization of Serbia, with its own resources, has made significant efforts to prepare translations of series of standards in the field of designing constructions, known as Eurocodes, published in electronic format, on CDs. All these collections contain published Serbian standards in Serbian language and translations of other parts of the standards from the subject series, which were not verified by the competent standards committees. These translations cannot be considered as published Serbian standards, but they can be of great help to users in understanding the relevant Serbian standards in English that complement this collection.


A total of seven electronic thematic collections have been published, with four being published at the end of 2018, and two collections are under preparation. The publication of the above-mentioned Eurocodes collections is extremely important due to the adoption of a new rulebook currently being prepared by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, which refers to the published Eurocodes. The new rulebook will otherwise prescribe the technical characteristics of the construction of objects, requirements for design, construction, maintenance and demolition, or removal of objects.


The four latest electronic collections include standards for designing composite concrete and steel constructions (Eurocode 4), aluminum structures (Eurocode 9) and earthquake resistance structures (Eurocode 8), as well as geotechnical design (Eurocode 7). The support to these collections is provided by a previously published set of standards for actions on constructions (Eurocode 1).


More detailed information on all published electronic collections, as well as options for ordering them, can be found on the following page: