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Institute for Standardization of Serbia offers you a new service starting from April 2016


This service facilitates access to the full text of Serbian standards and related documents during the  period of 5 or 30 calendar days, at customer`s choice.


How does this service work?
The customer, through their account, can submit the request for on line access to Serbian standards and related documents, which specifies the selected standards and access period. After payment and the activation of service, the customer will have free access to the chosen documents at any time during that period. The requested standards and related documents may be read only on the screen, without possibility of saving, printing, copying, posting on internal network or sale. The only requirement for using this service is having Internet access.


What are the advantages of on line access to Serbian standards?
Using this service allows access to Serbian standards more easily and comfortably, for example from office or home, on customers own computer. In this way, the customer can read the text of the standard before purchasing it, or in case there is only a temporary need for a specific standard, its text is easily available. The price for online reading of standards is affordable for everyone.


Fees for online reading Serbian standards

The fees for online access to the text of Serbian standards are determined depending on the number of standards you wish to access and the period within which the access is allowed, with the technical restrictions that prevent unauthorized copying, according to the following table:


Number of standards

Fees (in RSD)

For 5 calendar days


1 - 5


6 - 10

1 500


2 300

16 - 20

3 500

For 30 calendar days


1 - 10

3 500

11 - 20

7 000




Select time limit:
1. SRPS B.H3.103:1958 / Srpski Delete Delete
Number of standards 1 - 5 for 5 calendar days
Number of standards 1 - 5 for 5 calendar days
800.00 RSD
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The maximum number of standards to read in one order is 20