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What are the benefits of standards

Standards are a part of our everyday life, but we are not aware of that fact. However, each of us has probably found himself in a troublesome situation while purchasing clothes, because the size label was not adequate, or waited in an endless line before the cash register because the barcode was poorly printed or the barcode reading device was out of order, or bought a product of poor or unadequate quality, or purchased an electrical device that is not compatible with the rest of electrical apparatus we have, etc.

Therefore standards:
  • ensure that products are fit for there purpose
  • increase the safety of products and services
  • present the basis for improving the quality of products and services
  • establish a tecnical basis for regulations and support in their implementation
  • facilitate trade between different countries and contribute to removing technical barriers to trade
  • reflect the current state of development of science and technology and thus present guidance to developing countries on their road to world markets
  • allow more efficient use of resources in the production process
  • contribute to the preservation of health and environmental protection
  • and much more, making everyday life easier, beceause standards provide solutions to problems that we all share.