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Who develops Serbian standards

Serbian standards are developed by ISS expert bodies, technical committees and expert councils.

ISS professional activities in individual areas of standardization take place in the technical committees, that, in order to carry out activities in their specific areas of work may establish sub-committees and working groups. The main task of the technical committee is the preparation and realization of the plan and programme of standard`s development in a particular area of standardization, monitoring and participating in the work of relevant technical working bodies of the international and European organizations for standardization, as well as carrying out other activities defined in the Internal Rules of Standardization – Part 2: Establishing and work of technical committees for developing standards and related documents.
Technical committees are established according to the proposal of the expert councils, which are formed to guide the professional work in certain areas of standardization. The task of the expert council is to prepare professional basis for the annual work programme and the annual plan of developing Serbian standards and related documents, to perform duties as the technical committee when for objective reasons a technical committee could not be established, as well as other objectives set forth in the Decision on Amending the Founding Act of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia.